I had seen these before, but I was unaware that they come with a Red Ranger Key.

This Ranger Key comes with these pajamas and is sold from Target for $14.99. It says online only but they may show up in stores later on.

More info: Super Megaforce Toy Listings


The All Red Key with the kids Halloween costume, pajamas, was handed out by Saban Brands at SDCC and Power Force Breakfast during PMC. And all Silver Key comes with Kids Halloween costume.

Official Promo Image found by http://razzle1337.tumblr.com/

My Blog:

More PMC photos. Doug Sloan, Felix Ryan (Spike from Power Rangers Samurai) and Matt Mullins (Len, Kamen Rider Wing Knight from KRDK). Pleasure meeting them all!

~Gerald/Lavender Ranger

During Power Morphicon 4 (2014), I was invited to the Power Force Breakfast and met the Super Megaforce Cast. Andrew Gray (Troy), Cameron Jebo (Orion), Azim Rizk (Jake), Christina Masterson (Emma), Ciara Hanna (Gia), and John Michael Loudermilk (Noah). Andrew did a video for my nephew, thanks to him.

Disney Rangers I met:

Richard Brancatisano (Xander/Green Mystic Force), Chris Violette (Sky/Blue SPD) and David DeLatour (RJ/Violet Wolf Jungle Fury Ranger). Also Shadow Ranger Cosplayer.

I got autograph prints and pictures with Lightspeed Rangers: Sean CW Johnson (Carter/Red Ranger), Alison Macinnis (Dana/Pink Ranger), Rhett Fisher (Ryan/Titanium Ranger) and Danny Salvin (Leo/Red Galaxy Ranger)

Hilary Shepard Turner played Divatox in Power Rangers Turbo, she was ‘strangling’ me but she was really like massaging me.

Brad Hawkins who played Ryan Steele of VR Troopers and the voice of the Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. My first contact with him online was when he contacted me to take off a photo of him from the movie “Shredder” from one of my blogs (not Henshin Grid). I asked for an interview and autographs so I got it. He even said this story in a couple interviews. He was happy to meet me.

Jaiden’s Ranger Keys and mine.

1: All of Jaiden’s American Ranger Keys

2: Lightspeed keys

3: Jungle Fury Keys

4: MMPR keys

5: My Japanese keys and counterpart US keys

6: Female Keys

More MMPR reboot designs. The Blue one has three different designs. Far left based on Amazing Spiderman, center based on Dark Knight and far right based on Psycho Rangers, in Space battlizer and Shogun Mode.

Left picture has Red, Pink and Green based on far left Blue Ranger. Right top with Black, Yellow and Green picture based on far right blue.