US Power Rangers Ranger Keys List (2) spotted so far at SDCC and NYCC

Ninja Storm-RPM, Megaforce, Super Megaforce and Violet Ranger of Jungle Fury

Super Megaforce and Power Rangers in Space are the only complete sets so far.

US Power Rangers Ranger Keys List

Seen at SDCC and NYCC so far.

Zeo to Wild Force and Samurai and Dairanger

Hanna Barbara created scantly clad ethnically-diverse but racially insensitive superheroes for Super Friends. There was the African-American Black Vulcan, Native-American Apache Chief, Japanese Samurai, Hispanic El Dorado and the Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna).

In Justice League Unlimited, they were recreated as the Ultimen. Apache Chief became Long Shadow and Samurai became Wind Dragon. El Dorado wasn’t there but recently was in Young Justice.

For Apache Chief, I did a combo of his original and Long Shadow outfit. Samurai is more like his original on top and new on bottom, with original colors. Black Vulcan is a mix of old and new. El Dorado, I just gave him nipples. Wonder Twins, I didn’t do the Ultiman Albino look.

Black Vulcan
Apache Chief

Wonder Twins
El Dorado

Continuing with DC Heroes, here are some Teen Titans and some others.

Black Canary


Black Canary is her usual costume, Starfire and Raven are based on their original comics outfits. Starfire I gave her some more modesty. Aqualad is based on his original costume and white, even though I like male skin (he originally had just briefs), I decided to give him pants. Cyborg is a mix of the Teen Titans cartoon and the original 80’s comic. Beast Boy is his usual Beast Boy self.

Tomorrow I’ll color the heroes Hanna Barbara created for the Superfriends like Apache CHief, Samurai, Wonder Twins, Black Vulcan and the other guy.

Power Rangers ACG Series 4 Legends United
Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)
Henshin Grid Exclusive!

Power Rangers ACG Series 4 Legends United

Blue Mystic Force Ranger (Legend Mode)

Henshin Grid Exclusive!

I can’t be stopped. My renditions on Nightwing, Aquaman and Superboy. Superboy, I mean to have his jacket, I forgot. Aquaman is a mix of his original and a second of the orange/green. I liked the orange/green.

For tomorrow I already got drawn Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, the Teen Titans and even those heroes created for Superfriends like the Wonder Twins.

Batgirl is a mix of the 90’s outfit with the 60’s tv outfit. Supergirl is a combo of the 80’s (red skirt) and the current. Wondergirl is her Teen Titans outfit with some flourishes.



I did Marvel Heroes so I decided to do DC Comics, starting with Justice League. I change Wonder Woman’s outfit because I didn’t like her underwear. Green Lantern’s is a mix of two of Hal Jordan’s. Green Arrow has a hood on the classic one. I kept Superman, Batman and Flash simple.

Wonder Woman

Green Lantern
Green Arrow

Decided to try out the Avengers after doing X-Men. I’m not doing the Hulk because there is not much change. I am not a fan of Black Widow because her outfit is mostly black. Thor I combined two different of his comic book outfits. Captain America is a mix of his movie and original one. Iron Man is closer to the movie version. Scarlet Widow is a mix of old and new. Hawkeye is a mix of two different of his outfits. Miss Marvel is my favorite, I went with her more popular outfit.

Captain America
Iron Man

Miss Marvel
Scarlet Witch

I am a X-Men fan and decided to do something different and draw the X-Men. Archangel is a mix of Archangel from the 90’s and Angel from the 00’s. Jubilee is there because she was famous in the 90’s. Kitty Pryde was not in the 90’s cartoon series but was in the WB series. I might do the Avengers next.


Kitty Pryde

I’m sick and I live to draw when I’m sick. So here my renditions of some X-Men. I’m from the 90’s era, so I lean more towards them. This has some influences from other costumes. These are my own ideal costumes.

Cyclops, Wolverine and Jean Gray

Storm, Rogue and Gambit